Smiling at the Possibilities: the Brujologie Shop is now Open

The shop is officially open! It is something I’ve been deeply invested in and so proud of. Right now in the shop you’ll find my first collection of 5 prints titled “Botanical Boys.” The concept for Botanical Boys expresses sensuality and it’s duality with the supernatural world. They are bold and colorful, yet mysterious. These creatures exist as if from an alternate plane, one where they take on the characteristics of the plants they most identify with while in a heightened state of being.  

The shop is still a work in progress.  I’ll be adding new products soon, such as embroidery work and prints of the embroidery work. Of course I’ll continue to take commissions by request so feel free to shoot me a message if you’re interested in something specific. 

The launch of the shop has made me think back on how much I used to want to own a bookstore.

I know, so random.

But I wanted a little indie spot with oat milk lattes and best sellers lining the shelves. I really loved the idea of the space being part of the community, a little hub that connected like-minded souls. I never allowed myself to look too hard at the logistics of making that goal a reality. Loans and debt and staffing the place, not to mention the fact that I have zero experience running a bookshop. 

A month or so ago, while Kyle and I were walking Wynona, I was on a fantasy rant about the bookstore possibility. Him being the more practical of the two of us started trying to get me to talk about the realities of what that would entail. Which I clearly didn’t want to do. Then he asked what would happen to Brujologie?

I can’t say I wasn’t defensive about it and immediately tried to explain how I could be both a bookstore owner and an artist. (Yeah, sure.) 

Eventually I came down from that day dream and off my high horse and admitted there was no way to do both. 

So I asked myself what I really wanted from being a shop owner? When I put some thought to it, I realized I wanted something to be proud of. A physical store would be a representation of all my hardwork manifested outwardly and unquestionably. 

But if I wanted that so badly, why wasn’t the bookstore the thing I put all my energy and work into creating? 

What I am deeply focused on is making art. I spend hours every day researching new stitching techniques and experimenting on Procreate. It took me weeks to figure out how to design, create and launch my website. I’ve been slowly developing an aesthetic between both digital and fiber arts. Sometimes my mind races in excitement with the possibilities. 

This is where my heart is and that is something to nurture. 

The reality of being an artist is that this isn’t a traditional path. There are no specific roads to take in order to reach the end goal in the way that owning a bookstore might have. This sometimes makes me feel unaccomplished. It’s much easier to explain to someone that you’re on the verge of opening a storefront than explaining how you’ve spent the last week stitching a flower motif onto linen. 

But that’s where I am in my life and honestly I’m learning to be proud of my achievements. 

When I first started this blog I had no idea what I was doing. There haven’t been many posts on the blog because I guess I didn’t really know what this blog was for. If you look at my first few posts they’re mostly DIY projects and home decor ideas. I guess I was riding the high of moving to a new city, and having a brand new apartment as a blank canvas to decorate. 

I created Brujologie with the intention of it being a creative mind dump. A place where I can pour all of my interests into one space. I was calling it a “lifestyle blog,” hoping the term would encompass everything I enjoyed doing under one umbrella. 

Looking back on those posts, I can see how much my direction has changed. I’m not cut out to be a DIY master YouTuber. I didn’t love being on camera and I really didn’t love editing video footage. I tip my hat to those folk who do because editing is a time consuming and tedious process that I found incredibly irritating. 

Like myself, Brujologie is evolving too. It’s 2021 and now I know that this blog is really a place to continue to document my journey as an artist. It is my medium to announce new achievements, to talk about art and story and allow myself to be present with the process.

Being an artist, and taking on that title has been scary for me, what does that even mean? I’m realizing now that it means I wont have all the answers. The path is non-linear and difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. It’s trial and error, and I find myself looking at both the big picture and the small details while smiling at the possibilities.

Stay Magical Brujas, 

~Richie Wilde Lopez 

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