DIY Hanging Pendant Lamp for $30!

Hey Brujas!

My dining room table has FINALLY arrived! We ordered it back in July and after seven weeks of waiting for it, it’s finally here! 

So after ordering the table online through Modholic, the estimated shipping date was 2 weeks from the purchase date, which was totally ok with me. So about 13 days into the 2 week wait period, we ditched our old farm style table to make way for the new midcentury one. We disassembled it and wrote a little Free Table & Chairs sign and put it on the curb. Once it was out there we realized we left the sign upstairs and by the time we went back down to tape the sign to the table top, it had been swiped. 

Thanks Philly folk for your efficiency and I hope whoever has it is enjoying many lovely dinners on it. 

On day 14 of the waiting period we received an update from Modholic saying the table was delayed. WOMP.

Now just a reminder, we have zero furniture at this point. We ditched the dining table and chairs, and we STILL don’t have our couch. So basically the only seating we do have in the living space is a leather armchair Kyle and Wynona and I rotate shifts on (Wynona wins most of the time) and the three counter stools where we eat all of our meals and do the whole work-from-home thing. Needless to say this update on the table delay was not welcome. 

But we endured and in the middle of me filming a new video (Yup I’ve got a YouTube channel in the making! Stay tuned) I received a call saying the delivery guy was outside. 

So I ran (took the elevator) downstairs and was met with two big ol wooden crates that the delivery guy said I had to figure out myself. After some haggling that went nowhere ($20.00 was not enough apparently) he drove off and I was left with the task of getting these huge crates inside the apartment. 

Luckily Philadelphians are not New Yorkers and my neighbors came to the rescue with a dolly and some man power and we got the crates inside. 

If you want to check out the whole story, hit play on this Table Unboxing video. It’s one of my first ever videos so the sound is a little off in the first scene but whatever can’t blame a girl for trying. 

Now I have to say, despite the long wait time the table is GORGEOUS.

We opted for the Modholic 42” Fiberglass Tulip table in pure white. Modholic had all sorts of options for this table from marble tops, to gold bases, but the all white just looked so clean and sleek and I couldn’t help but be drawn to it. 

The 42” was the perfect size and the table’s lack of legs really opened up the space. For $540.00 this table was a steal! Compared to this similar table from West Elm at $1200, it was a no brainer. Now I’m not hating on West Elm, I actually love their stuff, but I’m a firm believer in picking and choosing a great deal for your money and after all my research Modholic was the way to go. 

We got these lovely MidCentury style chairs in an oak finish with grey seats from the Christopher Knight Home Store via Amazon for $132 for a set of 2. We bought 4 of them for a total of $264.00. This may sound expensive but I was looking for real wooden chairs, no MDF and no aluminum construction which sounds easy enough but honestly finding the right chairs at a good price was HARD. Everytime I found a chair I liked it was $150 FOR ONE CHAIR which was definitely NOT in my budget. I was a little weary to buy chairs on amazon but honestly I was pleasantly impressed. 

The chairs came disassembled in 2 boxes and looked super tiny when I unpacked them. At first I had a little freak out moment thinking I had maybe measured wrong, but they turned out to fit nicely. Assembly was a little tricky because of the wobble factor. I had to adjust and readjust the tightness of the bolts that held the chairs together in order for them to not wobble and tilt, but once I figured it out I really loved them. 

I’ve said this before, but I’m not huge on open concept spaces which is how my apartment’s main living area is laid out. 

Once the dining table was in place by our big window I really wanted something to define the space. I went searching through the internet for ideas and I landed on a hanging pendant lamp to really tie in the look I was going for. 

Pendent lamps are sold everywhere. Wayfair, West Elm and Target all have some really cool ones but I wanted to make one myself to cut some costs. 

The dining room is very modern looking and I felt it needed a little natural touch, something textured that would warm up the space. The kind of lamp that inspired me was this one from Shadesoflight. I loved the two-tone basket and the rattan weave but I was not about to spend $184.00. NO WAY.

We went for a Target run to grab some basics and I came across this cute two-toned basket that was Target’s home decor brand Threshold for only $16.99. Now that’s my kind of price. 

I really liked that this basket had a rope cording around it’s base to break up the natural woven wicker (rattan?). It wasn’t exactly the Shadesoflight basket but it was still really cute. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to do this project, I would also suggest hitting up your local Goodwill. Thrift stores always have baskets for cheap. And when I say cheap I mean like a dollar. But Since I was already in Target I snagged this one and went with it. 

After bringing it home, my initial thought was to try and match the rope cording to the color of the chair seats. I thought maybe I could play around with my new watercolor paints and give the basket a new look. Ultimately I scrapped that Idea and went with the white. Honestly I was nervous to screw this up and make a muddy mess of it. I think had the basket been a dollar I would have just gone with my impulse and tried out the paints but this time I aired on the cautious side. 

Grammar Side Note: Pendent vs Pendant? Seriously this was bugging me. But apparently a PendAnt is a charm on a necklace and PendEnt is an adjective describing something that hangs. So I’m gonna go with Pendent (with an E) despite what autocorrect is insisting. 

On to the DIY!

The Full Pendent Lamp DIY

What you’ll need:

Firstly flip your basket upside down and find the center, this is where you’ll be attaching the lamp itself. 

Unscrew the two halves of the lamp socket and trace a circle to the size of the light fixture in the center of your basket.

With your utility knife cut out a whole in the basket. For caution’s sake I went a little smaller on the hole I cut out just to make sure the lamp fit snuggly. 

Because I used a lamp kit i already had and the base of it was black, I painted it grey in this step and let it dry. But if you purchase the kit linked in the above you won’t have that problem.

Push the fixture through the hole and twist on the other half of the lamp. The two pieces will act as a clamp and hold the basket in place. 

Now it’s already starting to look like a lamp shade!

Screw in your LED Edison bulb and plug it in to test it. This part was super exciting to me because I’m a dork for this kind of thing. 

Underside of the Lamp

I suggest using an LED bulb for this project. LED bulbs don’t get as hot as traditional incandescent bulbs so it minimizes the risk of fire, and since we’re working with fabrics and wicker definitely go with the safer option. LED bulbs now come in these really cute Edison styles so if LED makes you think of super bright fluorescent lighting you’re in luck because times have changed. 

Now all you have to do is hang it!

Find the center point of the ceiling where you want to hang the lamp. I wanted mine to hang centered above my table, so I grabbed the measuring tape and made a straight shot to the ceiling marking off my center point. 

Drill your pilot hole and then twist the hook in place making sure it’s nice and snug. 

I didn’t want my cord showing (who does) so using teeny tiny nails I fit the cord into the edges of the ceiling. At an angle I created a little hook with the nail to keep the cord in place. 

Because my wall is a little busier you really don’t notice the cord at all.

If this isn’t an option for you, you can also buy a Pendent Lamp kit that’s disguised as a rope! This will create a little more of a BoHo vibe which wasn’t for me, but I did end up using one of these for a different pendent lamp I created later. 

Once the lamp is hung, find the height that works for you and plug her in. 

Click the switch and boom, you’re now the proud creator of your very own Pendent Lamp!


I can’t believe how easy this project was! Honestly it makes me want to make more and more lamps like this. But seriously how many do I really need? 3? 4? It really changed the space and created a more defined and cozy dining room area in our open concept living room/dining room. 

If you make your own DIY Pendent lamp be sure to to tag me on instagram @TheBrujologist and I’ll share your handy work! Also f you have any questions shoot me a DM or leave me a comment below and I’ll respond with all the help I can give. 

Thanks for reading (and watching) Brujas.

Happy crafting!

Richie Wilde Lopez 

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