Hello & Welcome to Brujologie!

Firstly, thank you so much for your interest in my art! 

My name is Richie Wilde Lopez (He/Him) and I am a Gay, Puerto Rican storyteller.

A story is a form of magic that can be manifested into existence in various ways. From the written to the visual, when we make art, we ignite the magic of storytelling. 

Brujologie (pronounced Brew-ho-logie) is a space I’ve created to explore new ways of doing so. 

The name of the site comes from a mashup of the words Brujo meaning Witch in Spanish and the suffix -ologie meaning the study of. 

I believe there is MAGIC in the act of making something with your own hands and each time you do so, you add to the greater tale of life.  I would like to share that magic with you. 

As an artist I primarily work in two mediums; Pixels & Fibers. 

In my digital art I like to play with bold colors and surreal imagery. Digital art is modern and streamlined, clean and sharp. 

In contrast, my heirloom embroidery pieces are hand-stitched thread by thread and take hours to create. It is more of a meditative process that allows me to slow down and connect with the moment.

In their duality, both forms of art allow me to delve into the themes I am most impassioned by:  themes of Queerness, Latinidad, Mythology, Magic and the feminine. These themes are always in flux and change with the seasons. 

Brujologie celebrates the voices of all people of color, all gender expressions and identities banishing taboos, and striving to be real and relatable while bringing a little beauty into the world.

Thank you again for being here and please feel free to explore my Blog, Shop & Gallery pages.  

Much Love and Magic, 

Richie Wilde Lopez